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F05-Little Pony
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M06-Thomas & Friends
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M77-Tsum Tsum
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BF03-Peppa Pig
(Stick with you) is the 1st Hong Kong Registered Company promote and selling the name stickers. We would like to deliver many thanks for your valuable support and comment for many years. Because of your value comment make our products improve neither quality nor quantity. We have more than 40 varieties of products where the unique characteristics are water proof and free from scratch.

Use it to personalize your belongings like textbooks, stationery (such as pens, pencil box, ruler, eraser, sharpener, etc), bag, tumbler (water bottle), handphone, electronics gadgets, CD/VCD/DVD, mugs, toiletries, greetings cards, business cards and/or even green/red packets!

Great for young executives, add a creative touch to otherwise stifle office stationery.

Stickers application

School uniform lost randomly? To solve this – Washing labels helps

Just peel and apply on the uniforms, the problems are easily been solved.

It is the great tools for the old folk’s organization, where the characteristics labels are free from waterproof and scratch. It does easily can be differentiate although mixed up.



Payment Procedures
Contact Person : Walter Ko

Office Tel : (852) 2612 4234
Mobile Tel : (852) 90830395
Fax No. : (852) 26124116

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Address : Rm 1810, 18/F, Fortune Commercial Building, 362 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, HONG KONG

Payment Procedure :

1. Online Purchase :

Step 1:Please register as the member to proceed the purchase transaction.

Step 2:Please login to proceed.

Step 3:Choose the your product, then click “Add-in carts”.

Step 4:Choose the type of fonts & fill in for each labels.

Step 5:Confirm the quantity, then click “Add-in carts”.

Step 6:Enter the order form, the window will show all the products details, click on the “cancel” for the cancellation. To continue shopping, please click “continue purchase”. After the confirmation is made, please click “ Sum-up”.

Step 7:Enter the amount total page, please fill in the receipt, order details and confirm the service rules.

Step 8:Go to next page, postal address will be shown, any changes, please click on the picture “ Address Refresh”, after confirmation is made, please click “next page”.

Step 9:Go to next page, Please select the mail services and understanding the postages, after confirmation is made, Please click “ next page”.

Step 10:Go to next page, please select your prefer payment types (Banking or Online banking services), after confirmation is made, please click “ next page”.

Step 11:Go to next page, any additional information can be written in the box, after confirmation is made, please click “next page”.

Step 12:If payment is made through banking, the successful transaction and the notification will be made through e-mail.

Step 13:If payment is made through online banking, the next window will show the electronic payment (e.g. paypal) where the transaction will be made. The successful transaction notification will be send through e-mail.  

Step 14:Online purchase transaction completed, thank for your support.

2. Banking Services:

Payment can be made through ATM or Online banking services through

Account No: 163-341-175-292

Account No: 383-528221-883

Account No: 012-880-1043-2607

After transaction is made, please attach the name & contact No. and fax the bank-in slip to 2612 4116 for confirmation.

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Cartoon Name Stickers – Stick with you, there is a lot of patterns will coming soon.